Sunday, 14 January 2007

Heading south

We got up just before 4am, Fatima woke us and had hot coffee ready!!

Eventually we left at 4.30am, in the dark with a minibus full of people. It was hard to say goodbye but I wished her luck and I know I'll be back there sometime if the country remains stable. We'd heard several people talk about a coup d'etat happening in the near future ... as long as it's not another war!

We settled ourselves into the front seats Fatima had organised for us and I thought I'd be able to drift back to sleep but then we stopped at the end of the village and horror of horrors someone got on with a cockerel. That was it; we were awake the whole way to Sao Domingos with cockle-doodle-doo going every 30 seconds or so ... had I been in the back with it, the cockerel wouldn't have lasted long!

Sao Domingos was alive with the market, it was just before 9am and we had a bit of a mechanical hitch, I'm not sure what but it needed fixing before we continued onto Bissau. The cockerel & owner got out and the cockerel got loose so we all lent a hand trying to catch it until it managed to fly onto a roof and there was a great gasp, but one of the guys got hold of a wing and dragged it down.

The journey down to Bissau was easy, a well-tarred road until a flueve at Sao Vincente where we waited almost an hour for the ferry. We crossed without incident and continued onto Bissau arriving there about 2pm, not far from the Guinea Conakry Embassy where Fatima had told the driver to drop us.

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Elvis said...

I would have bought the cockerel and let it loose!