Sunday, 14 January 2007

Heading home!

After one night in Kaolack and a few hours looking around the market, my mind was made up; I was thinking of heading to Thies for a night before going back to Dakar airport for my flight. It made more sense with my cold getting worse and a fever starting to get straight to Dakar. By 10am I was in a taxi heading for the capital.

Hitting a horrific traffic jam at Rusfique, I finally got out of the taxi at 3pm and found another one to Yoff. I decided to stay at Via Via, I'd heard a lot about it and had decided I needed somewhere 'decent' to rest and get better prior to getting the flight.

I spent a great 36hrs there, met a Belgian who got completely ripped off by two Rasta's I'd met an hour before him! Poor guy, he was a journalist but managed to lose 10,000CFA very quickly and find himself in an unknown suburb without any money. A few of us had a good laugh over it!
My final day prior to the evening flight I went into town briefly, La Corniche, getting a taxi there for 2,200CFA & back for 2,400CFA to get a few last minute presents. Didier, a French guy staying at Via Via who'd previously worked in Senegal was suprised I was managing to get Senegalese prices for transport .. and later told a Senegalese policeman friend of his that I was more African than him!!! As I had to leave my room in the morning, the Belgian journalist friend realising how sick I was, was incredibly kind to give him his room for the day before getting my taxi out to the airport!

Arriving at the airport, the hassle didn't stop there, a taxi tout pounced on me as soon as I got out of mine asking if I wanted a taxi - I turned around and said 'How much to Toulouse?'!!!

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